Mobile photography has revolutionized the world of photo art. The proliferation of smartphones with high resolution cameras means that photography is no longer the reserve of professionals, but rather a mass phenomenon now that everyone is able to share whatever they capture on camera through social networks. A new concept has emerged, namely mobilegraphs, which are pictures taken with a mobile phone, treated using a range of applications, and then shared among millions of users.

Instagram is the most popular application used to apply digital filters, with more than a hundred million people registered worldwide. Some five million photos are uploaded onto the net each day through Instagram. Photography is now instant, fast and accessible to all users with smartphones. So has Instagram managed to make millions of people into expert photographers? Obviously not, but it is clear that it provides a new language with which it is possible to take spectacular photos. If you see people in the street taking photos with their mobiles, they might be what we now call Instagrammers or Igers, who form clubs in every continent and are shaping current trends in photography.

The key focus of this blog is Segovia, the city where each day my continuous and almost obsessive exploration leads me to discover a different way of seeing its people, its buildings and monuments, and its light. My sights are also set on the IE University campus, the place I work as a member of the Communications Department.

They say that an image is worth one thousand words, but for me a word may be worth a thousand images as well. This is why I try to combine in this blog my love of photography with my profession as a journalist and writer. Word and image united in one message.

The photos I present in this blog have been shot with two Smartphone models (Samsung Galaxy S2 and S4), an IPad and a really curious gadget: a Samsung Galaxy Camera, something between a mobile phone and a compact camera.

With my mobile always at the ready, I have walked the length and breadth of the city in search of inspiration that will satisfy my curiosity, and I have searched the whole campus to try to capture the essence of university life, those small details that often remain unnoticed, the fleeting and the immediate. Here in this blog you can see a selection of mobilegraphs of the Santa Cruz la Real campus and of the city of Segovia. All of them are fleeting impressions caught by an occasional photographer, a digital observer.

Photos and text: Roberto Arribas
Translation: Gill Hopkin

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