From the Plaza del Azoguejo and all along Calle Real, several music bands were happily playing catchy songs that gave a festive air to the summer evening. Street music had taken over Segovia’s main thoroughfare. Two particularly whacky members of one of the bands had broken away from their group and placed themselves in very visible positions in the Plaza de Medina del Campo (or Plaza de San Martín or Plaza de Las Sirenas, depending on your preference). As everyone watched, the pair took great delight in clashing their cymbals, ramping up the vibe and making sure there was no danger of the frenetic beat of the music letting up. Their enthusiasm was so contagious that people who until that point hadn’t been taking that much notice of the music, got up and started to clap and sing along. Traditionally the drum and cymbals were percussion instruments used to announce the arrival of a visiting dignitary, the start of the town fiesta, or simply to liven things up. Now, more than ever before, we need a bit of fanfare in our lives, because it makes us feel like something good is on the way.