In recent times there has been a resurgence of romanticism all over the world. I base this statement on hard evidence, namely the thousands of bridges whose railings are having to bear the weight of thousands of padlocks, placed there one day by incorrigible romantics who swore eternal love by the light of the moon. Personally I think that too much of a good thing is bad for a person’s health, and that disproportionate love is just plain inappropriate in this day and age. A few days ago the Pont des Arts in Paris hit the news because the weight of all the padlocks had made its railings collapse. We don’t have that problem in Segovia, at least not for now. Our big stone aqueduct views love with benevolence, and there are still plenty of places in its surroundings where lovers can furtively put their padlocks. Love with no control is a serious threat to bridges’ railings. I have just one piece of advice for die-hard lovers. Keep the key to that padlock because you may have to take it back off the bridge one day, either to avoid a big fine or because the person you were so madly in love has just hung another padlock on another bridge, by the light of the moon, with someone else.