The wind was blowing in the woods and a light breeze made the rope bridge swing slowly from side to side. In order to get to the other side of the river we had to cross this bridge, which we all thought looked very rickety. Someone said that it wasn’t a good idea to use it to cross, but that it was also very difficult to go back the long way at this stage because the night was drawing in fast and it would get dark before we could reach the village. “Let me be the first to cross,” said one of the girls, raising her hand. She went up to the bridge and placed one foot on it, then the other. She moved forward very slowly and in total silence, gripping the rope handrail hard. A voice came from the group saying: “Don’t let go, don’t stop, and don’t look to either side, that way you’ll keep your balance and everything will be easier.” A minute later she had made it to the other side. She was so happy that she jumped up and down, making the bridge swing even more. It’s important in life to keep a balance if you want to achieve your goals. Your fears and insecurities will paralyze you, so it’s better not to look down and just keep bravely moving forward. The best recipe for success is a balanced union of spirit, mind and body. We all then managed to cross the river without problems, and got to the village when the light was still falling on its houses.