Scientists say that our planet will cease to be habitable within about two thousand million years. Until that inevitable tragedy occurs, we can live in the absolute certainty that one day will follow another. I just don’t want to believe that nature’s days are numbered, that the human race has no plan in place to stop it from happening, and that all we can do is serve as passive witnesses to such an ominous fate. As earth continues on its journey toward extinction, it’s as if your life will be no more than a microscopic moment in time. That’s why while we are here we should try to lead a life that is as respectful as possible with nature. We have to make the most of each day, be it cloudy or sunny, and feel particularly fortunate when days come along in which the sunlight marks out paths for us. Human beings can face the inevitable better if they’re in harmony with the environment – even it isn’t going to happen for many millions of years.