With his hat and long gabardine coat, Doctor of Architecture José Luis Luque looks like he has walked straight off the set of a classic suspense movie. There are days when I look at him and think he would have been perfect for a part in Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane or Carol Reed’s The Third Man. It’s hard to miss him with his thick, perfectly groomed mop of silver hair, which, it has to be said, does occasionally threaten to stray out of place. Curiously enough, far from ageing him his silver hair gives him the air of a thoroughly modern professor, with hands that are also kept smart and clean and dark-framed glasses that give his face character. He’s a practical man, but also a dreamer (an architect always has to be a dreamer). Above all, José Luis Luque is passionate about architecture, which he teaches at IE University in Segovia. For the last sixteen years he’s been teaching architechtonic projects, as well as serving as final year tutor. He has shared his knowledge and insights with hundreds of young people, many of whom now work designing and constructing buildings around the world. This is the photo that I feel best portrays José Luis Luque, a professional who analyzes projects, searching each model for the architect’s imagined secrets, correcting defects, and providing solutions to improve ideas. He’s an excellent professor, a man you can depend on. A man in full.