It’s an open secret that Segovia’s most beautiful garden is hidden away on the path that winds up from the Alcazar to the Plaza Mayor. It’s an ideal place to enjoy taking in wonderful scenery. Dedicated to the artist Mauricio Fromkes, the garden has cypress and white poplar trees. Water gurgles gently out of the nozzle of its only fountain, and the sharp drop beyond makes it seem as if it is stood on a parapet from which the surroundings of Segovia extend out. From here we can see the Eresma valle, ancient monasteries and convents, bell towers, old houses, groves and vegetables growing in fields. Beyond the horizon, just when the valley and houses seem to disappear, the observer is dazzled by the Castile that the poets of 98 wrote of. You can almost hear the echo of verses penned by Antonio Machado: “Truly, the water of the Eresma / is touching our heart…/ Towers of Segovia / storks in the sun!”