Marlon Kerim is a self-confessed lover of any kind of classic motor vehicle with two wheels. He’s a young Turkish student who is studying the Bachelor in Business Administration and Law in Segovia. When he rides his classic motorbike from the fifties around Segovia’s old quarter, he says that it’s like riding a time machine. The medieval streets must certainly have something to with that. “There’s nothing like riding with the wind, the smell of petrol and oil, and the roar of the engine,” he says. Two years ago Marlon Kerim arrived in Segovia to study at IE University. Before he arrived here he’d already seen a good number of countries and spoke five languages – in addition to Turkish he speaks German, English, French and Spanish. He never imagined that Segovia, which looks so small on a map, would have him hooked right from the start. “I’m proud to say that I am now just another Segovian,” he says with a smile. Marlon Kerim is the biker who came from the east who will always have a place for Segovia in his heart.