His skills were such that he was able to play the forces of gravity acting on his body off against each other. That was how this young acrobat managed to remain balanced in mid-air. Held there by cords, he span above our heads, leaving us not only amazed but also fearful that he could fall at any moment. He floated in the air, it was fantastic. But balance it is not only important for circus acts, it’s also essential for anything to do with economy or for our mental health. They say that state budgets have to be balanced or that happy individuals are those that find harmony between body and mind. We use balance to create the ideal state of existence. It guarantees stability and security in any situation. It’s only dangerous when we seek that balance on a purely individual level and stop caring about collective imbalances on a bigger scale. A society marked by imbalance is an unhealthy society. We need to do something about it.