Segovia is synonymous with culture. Its museums, streets, and squares are ideal places for any kind of artistic display. The city recently hosted “Genesis,” an exhibition of work by Brazilian artist Sebastião Salgado, one of the world’s greatest photographers, and a recipient of the Prince of Asturias Prize for Art. More than seventy-five thousand people visited the exhibition, which was situated along the Paseo Isabelino walk in the area of El Salon, one of the most beautiful places in Segovia. The exhibition comprised 38 photographs, all in black and white, of places far removed from the influence of the modern world. They showed huge deserts and frozen landscapes of the Antarctic, magnificent mountain ranges and tropical forests. There were also photos of animals in their natural habitat, from penguins, sea lions and whales in the Antarctic and South Atlantic, to lions, gnus and elephants in Africa. There was also a space focused on man. Images of tribes who live in remote natural environments, far from the developed world. It was a wonderful exhibition for learning about photography and for gaining an awareness of the enormous beauty of our planet.