Rain is not good when nobody is expecting it. The rain has been falling on Segovia from early morning. Well, more like drizzle really, persistent and a real nuisance. Suddenly, someone opens a shop door from inside. First to appear is a pair of black boots, followed by the silhouette of a woman wrapped in a grey jacket, and finally there’s a glimpse of blond hair. She takes a few steps and looks like she’s going to open her umbrella, but then decides to stop under the archway. She stands there patiently waiting for the rain to stop. Meanwhile the clouds continue to shed their load onto the paving stones, and a group of people who speed up their walking pace inevitably get splashed in some of the puddles. It’s so difficult to know how to wait in today’s world, how to be patient, how to take our time and not act quite so often on impulse. Speed rules in today’s world and the present is already yesterday’s news. Antonio Machado warned us about this: “He who knows how to wait knows that victory is his.” Being patient is the smartest way to wait.