The laboratories at IE University provide students with an excellent opportunity to take up challenging projects. The attitude and determination that they apply to their projects is admirable, and I like to see them working in teams with a level of professionalism that belies their young age. They know it’s essential to share ideas and dialogue with their teammates if they are to meet day-to-day challenges. The laboratories play an important role in enabling students to get to grips with market realities, serving as a platform where they can work in close collaboration with companies related to their studies. The experience also serves as an incentive in that it gives them the chance to move forward with their own business ideas, under the constant guidance of their professors. One of these laboratories, known as the d-lab, has a special focus on architecture. Here, twelve architecture students are already working on real projects guided by professors who are experts in different fields. All IE University students can explore their professional interests in these laboratories, which are equipped to cover an extensive range of fields, such as sports, marketing, psychology, communication, law, or social projects. The university world is no longer a temple where theory is sacred and far-removed from practice. The university of the 21st century produces professionals that will advance the human condition.