Today I feel strange when I get out of bed. I pull up the blinds of my bedroom window and hardly any light comes in because the day outside is dull and overcast. While I’m having breakfast, I listen to the radio. An economic expert is warning us that there are still difficult times ahead, and the local weather forecaster says there will be storms at the end of the day. Today it’s all bad news. The forecast is right, by evening the skies get darker, and when I’m leaving home I notice that clouds are already gathering around the bell tower of the old Santa Cruz Convent. At night, another expert seemingly takes pleasure in doling out a pessimistic view. We give in too soon, I think to myself. It’s time we rebelled instead of just standing around doing nothing. When we receive bad news we should stand tall and look it in the eye. There’s no alternative but to resist and find solutions because nothing lasts forever and bad things have got to end one day. I’m convinced that sun-filled days are on the way that they will brighten up every single corner of my room when I get up on a morning.