The people of Segovia are proud of the vast heritage left by the Jews in our city, but tradition has also handed down some grim legends rooted in the anti-semitism that was rife in those dark times, now fortunately long past. One such perverse legend tells how long, long ago, some wicked Jews took a consecrated holy communion wafer to the synagogue in Segovia with the intention of desecrating it by boiling it in a pot. Just as they were about to do it the wafer flew out of their hands and through the walls of the Synagogue. It then winged its way to the entrance of the old Santa Cruz la Real Convent where it broke through the wall making an enormous hole, before finally ending up on the church altar. The hole in the convent’s facade remains, and according to the legend anyone who mends it will fall under a thousand-year curse. To be honest, I would fill it in, because don’t they say here in Spain that no evil can last for a thousand years?