Now that it’s spring, the weather is milder, and the streets of Segovia are bustling with people from all over. The Plaza Mayor is definitely the best meeting point. It’s where everything happens, and yet it’s also a place where sometimes nothing happens. I walk through its colonnade with my camera at the ready searching impatiently for something inspiring at long last. I say to myself: “Really, is it such a good idea to be rushing things like this?” I change tack, stop in my tracks and resign myself to waiting. All this, just to capture that fleeting moment that makes me want to spring into action. “Photography requires you to know how to experience the pleasure of waiting,” said master photographer Sebastião Salgado. And just when it seems like there’s nothing there for me, I see a mother kiss her child to comfort him – the very picture of tenderness. Austrian narrator and dramatist Arthur Schnitzler said: “To be ready is one thing, to be able to wait is another; but to seize the right moment is everything.” If I hadn’t waited, I would have gone home empty-handed.