I was disappointed when the lens on the camera of my mobile phone just wouldn’t zoom out any further. This meant that I couldn’t capture the whole of the fabulous tower of the San Esteban de Segovia church, which at 53 meters high makes it the tallest Romanic church in Spain. I wandered around the square for a bit until it dawned on me that all I had to do was get much further away. I then had to decide where the X was that marked the spot, in much the same way as a pirate looking for treasure. Some trees just a few meters away caught my eye, so I went over to them and that’s when I found the perfect place from where to get the shot I wanted. Sometimes in life you have to step right back to see something that you would otherwise miss. We’ve fallen out of the habit of stepping back to see things more clearly. We want to see everything close up, and we’re becoming so blind that that we only see what we have right in front of our noses. Don’t forget to look at things from a distance. There are some wonderful sights out there that can only be made out from afar.