During the month of September IE University will be hosting the exhibition “Photos on the Move” featuring places and moments that reflect urban life in Segovia and academic life on the Santa Cruz la Real campus. Photos on display include a selection of 30 posts of the bilingual blog “Photos on the move”, with photos and texts by Roberto Arribas and translations by Gill Hopkin, both from IE’s communication department. The photos are taken using a smartphone camera, tablet, and compact, and edited using applications specifically for retouching mobile photos. The diversity of the photos, which include photos in color and in black and white, is such that that they have been divided into five categories: interiors, urban life, nature, people, and details. The exhibition, which is sponsored by IE’s Communication Department, shows aspects of life and features of the IE campus that normally go unnoticed. It also shows images of the streets, day-to-day life and famous landmarks in Segovia, as well as other places of special interest to the author. Arribas considers the photos and texts to be inseparable. The texts are thoughts on universal issues like education, solidarity, freedom, respect for heritage, or teamwork. The aim is to provide a compact and simple view of humanistic thought processes expressed in colloquial terms, in line with IE University’s markedly humanistic approach to education.