The sounds of a guitar, a violin, and young voices drifted through from the corner of the main cloister. It was surprising to hear a song break the silence of the University at this time on an evening. It was like the song of the Ulysses’ Sirens except that I had no intention of tying myself to a mast to keep me from temptation, like the legendary Greek hero in The Odyssey. I wandered over to be able to enjoy the music, which was certainly captivating. Cécile Nolan, a French student, was holding a guitar that she was gently strumming, moving both hands with an amazing agility, and the certain knowledge that she would hit the exact right note every time. She was accompanied by the violin and voices of classmates, who provided the perfect compliment. The daughter of an Irish father and a mother from the US, Cécile decided to study communication in Spain, as well as continuing to develop her musical side here. She has loved to sing ever since she was small, and has played the guitar for six years. She’s just founded the IE University Music Club along with her three friends: “I love music, and more than anything else I love to sing and play with other people with different voices and instruments,” she says. She also tells me that she’s passionate about words and the power they hold, which is actually something you notice about her right away, and the reason for her vocation for journalism and communication. I don’t want to interrupt the rehearsal and I leave the cloister as quietly as possible, knowing that Cécile Nolan possesses extraordinary music talent.